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The helm of UGANET’s core interventions in HIV is the realization that Violence Against Women and Girls strongly intersects with HIV and presents itself across multiple vulnerabilities. Our GE and VAWP work is premised on addressing the vulnerability that fuels other vulnerabilities like HIV, Disabilities, POCs coupled with unfavourable social norms and practices among different cultural settings. The department of Gender Equality and VAW/G prevention provides leadership in achieving UGANET’s mandate to address Gender related Human Rights barriers to access to Justice.
The department employs two strategies in achieving its mandate namely:
1. Prevention – At the forefront of promoting Gender Equality through community mobilization and Women empowerment, UGANET works with community Activists and Community leaders who have been reached and engaged in behavioral change using the SASA! Together methodology a community mobilization tool that Sparks community-wide change by transforming imbalances of power between women and men!
Under the SASA Together Work, UGANET has field offices in Kasese, Bundibugyo and Tororo working with 880 community activists and leaders. The services have also been extended to humanitarian settings with operations in Terego, Yumbe, Adjumani and Kyegegwa districts where UGANET has recruited a total of 240 community activists and community leaders to lead attitude and behavioral change in their communities through the SASA! Together methodology. In promoting inclusivity and leaving no one behind, UGANET has incorporated the Safe and Capable model into implementation of the SASA together! Methodology to target persons with disabilities in communities being reached.
UGANET through this methodology has impacted on a number of lives with many life change stories shared overtime that have seen a reduction in violation of the rights of women and girls based on social norms and beliefs.
2. Response – Being a registered Legal Aid Service Provider, GBV survivors and vulnerable women and girls are supported with safety and legal services. UGANET runs Rising woman GBV shelter and wellness centre. The facility was established to respond to Human Rights violations against vulnerable women and girls through provision of temporary shelter, psycho social support services, rehabilitation and skilling. The GBV shelter and wellness center acts as central response point for other strategic pillars and like minded organizations because it hosts vulnerable women and girls reaching out to UGANET through the different departments. While our clients are admitted to the shelter home, the legal team works to ensure that their legal issues are addressed. UGANET is pursuing an expansion of the wellness home to build capacity of women and girls faced with violence to become economically independent through its Zirobwe Home.
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Rhona Babweteera
Head of Department