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The department through the community structures reached a number of persons. The numbers have been fluctuating with the highest coverage of 10,965 persons (2013) and the lowest coverage being 182 community members (2012). The low coverage in 2012 is the year when SASA, one of the community programs was rolled out. The tremendous increase the following year is a result of the program expansion to other districts. Details on the yearly figures for this department are in the attachments.    For the period 2017-2022, we would like to mobilize communities around gender inequality because vices based on gender orientation prevail in the Ugandan communities. We are also aware that silence and social complacency remain around gender-based violence, and very few people are able to stand up against these kinds of abuses. In addition, from our past work of working with communities, we believe that if communities are empowered, they have the ability to deal with social ills that affect them and are able to demand for the protection of women and girls. From the standpoint of UGANET core value of participation and inclusiveness, we are confident that the communities have to lead the way of addressing gender inequality.
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Rhona Babweteera
Head of Department