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Uganda Network on Law Ethics and HIV/AIDS (UGANET)is national non- governmental organization that was established in 1995 to bring together organizations and individuals who are interested in advocating for the development and strengthening of an appropriate policy, legal, human rights and ethical response to Health and HIV/AIDS in Uganda.

For the past 20 years, UGANET mandate lies on the foundation that the law, legal policies and human rights are critical enablers in influencing the success of Health and HIV interventions intended to prevent further spread and also mitigate the adverse social impact and suffering caused by HIV and other Health conditions.

UGANET envisions a Uganda free from human rights abuses in the context of Health and HIV.  Its current strategic goal is to Reduce HIV and Gender based Vulnerability through increased Legal and Social protection. UGANET employs three main strategies in pursuit of its goals – Advocacy and Policy influencing, Access to Justice to through provision of Legal aid, mobilizing community to   drive their own change.

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We envision a Ugandan society free from HIV related abuses in which all people live dignified and fulfilled lives.


To promote the Human Rights based approaches in HIV response to ensure social and legal protection of vulnerable persons.


At the center of UGANET’s interventions is diligent service to vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Warm Regards

David Baguma
Chairperson - Board of Directors

The Uganda Network on Law, Ethics and HIV/AIDS (UGANET) was formed in 1995 after the recognition that the national response to HIV/AIDS in Uganda had failed to recognize the importance of protecting human rights in preventing the spread of the HIV virus and in interventions for the care, treatment and support of persons living with and those affected by HIV/AIDS.

UGANET continues to bring together individuals and organisations that are interested in advocating for the development and strengthening of an appropriate policy and ethical response to HIV/AIDS in Uganda.

Twenty years down the road, UGANET has continued to be a flag bearer on human rights in the context of HIV/AIDS.

We hope that as you browse through our website you will appreciate the impact of UGANET’s work from the activities and services we continue offering.

Dora. K. Musinguzi
Executive Director

We are glad to welcome you to UGANET’s Website. It brings satisfaction to witness lives being changed through the endeavors of UGANET’s Legal efforts. UGANET responds to the human rights and/or law-related issues that arise in the context of HIV and AIDS. It addresses vulnerability questions and in particular does advocacy around human rights and law-related matters.

HIV is driven by human rights violations and an HIV positive sero-status can cause one to suffer human rights violations. So human rights must be at the centre of the responses. Our mission is to contribute to a legal and social environment that supports other HIV interventions.

UGANET has registered life touching successes of widows and orphans cases that were resolved through legal Aid provision. Our programs have been strong on sensitization, to make all actors understand the connection between human rights violations and the spread of HIV. Through this website you will get more information on the work that UGANET does in the area of Human rights and HIV/AIDS.