Mutagomoka’s Fifth Wife Stayed After Sasa Training

Milton Mutagomoka is a resident of Bubukwanga and a Community Activist in Bundibugyo district. Milton’s broken life is now a breath of fresh air from the series of trainings he has attended with SASA! Together Start and Awareness phases. From his own confession, Milton regrets his behavior with his four wives that he mistreated and led to their departure after a very short stay with him. The most patient stayed with him for a year, while the fourth wife lasted for only a month. “I had a challenge in my...
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Over 80 Community Leaders and Activists Attend Sasa Together Awareness Phase in Bundibugyo

Over 80 community leaders and activists have benefited from a weeklong Sasa! Together training that took place in Bundibugyo district. The training now at the Awareness phase aims at deepening the analysis of men’s power over women and the community’s silence about it. At this phase, community members are expected to start questioning the way things are done and challenge them to think whether they should remain that way. The head of End of Violence Against Women Prevention and Sasa! Together team leader Rhonah Babweetera says, “Community activists and community...
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Sasa Together Trainings are Transforming Bundibugyo Community Leaders

There is a wave of change sweeping across Bundibugyo leadership that is making deliberate decisions to change the status quo and phase out some undesirable cultural practices and norms in their society. This leadership has had the privilege to attend the SASA! Together trainings that kicked off in 2019. The sessions carried out by UGANET team of End Violence Against Women Prevention are now at the awareness stage of the trainings. Bundibugyo is a district located in the far western part of Uganda. Like most African cultures, the district has...
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SASA! Training Helps to Restore Amalingats’ Family

Research shows that children are abused by people well known to them, mostly from their immediate family members or even trusted neighbors and friends. A national news daily recently run a headline, indicating how over 200 children had been defiled by their fathers since the outbreak of COVID-19. Christine Amalingat’s children were at risk of the same. The tough mother Amalingat was had pushed her little ones away from her. She believed the best way to discipline children was to beat them up, and make them submit to her authority,...
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